Failure, the main stimulant for Success

He told me that I had to wait for one more year since they were facing budget deficit that very year. I had worked very hard for nine months during their online tutorial program and I could not bear the burden of such a big failure. Yes. I was refused a scholarship to continue my high school in the USA.

I still remember that very night when the coordinator of the scholarship program told me that I will not be amongst the ones who were selected for the scholarship. It was around 12 in the night, and I was trembling out of fear of failure. I started shedding tears for some moment. I could not imagine the world without that golden opportunity. I felt that the world stopped moving for a second. My parents were the ones who gave me the strength and made me understand that life is full of victories and failures. I learned that if your win, you win and if you lose; you are getting a better opportunity provided that you don’t quit!

I commenced looking for other scholarships because it was the only way through which I could continue my higher studies. I could not get satisfying marks in the Kankor Examination and I had lost the opportunity to complete my high school in the USA. In the middle of a world of chaos, I got the chance to appear for the entrance test of scholarships of the Indian Embassy in Kabul. The exam went fine and I was summoned to fill the application form and select the courses and universities of my choice to continue my Bachelor’s degree in India. Nothing was apparent until I got a call for filing my Visa. Finally, I got a scholarship from Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to pursue my Bachelor’s at Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Now that I have appeared for the final exams of my Bachelor’s degree and I am about to graduate in the next few days, I conclude that whatever was meant to be, happened. Looking back to the past and comparing what I have achieved during the last three years of my studies in India, I realize that things could not have been better than this. The ups and downs of life in India have thought me the lessons that hundreds of books are incapable of. The leadership, management and communication skills that I have got grant me the courage to accept challenges and overcome them successfully.

I do believe that if I would had received that scholarship to go to the USA for my studies, things would have turned the other way but definitely I could never become the person I am now. The more hardships and problems you confront, the stronger you become and it has been true in my case. That very failure has functioned as a stimulant of success for me and now that I look back, things could not have been possible without that very incident. I have become a realist optimist and I am confident enough to confront any challenges that come on the way of my objectives. Of course, it in no way means that this is the end. A life full of problems and challenges is waiting for me and I am to utilize every given second to prepare myself to overcome all those challenges.


Peace, a prerequisite for development in Afghansitan

The phenomenon ‘peace’ is generally acquired by all the human beings irrespective of their political, cultural and religious differences. Having peace simply means absence of war and conflicts and existence of harmony in a specific area during a period of time. Peace is an essential prerequisite for the purpose of social, political and economic development of a society. Throughout the history, various empires and governments have strived to maintain peace and order in their society to pave the ground for their programs of development.

If we go through the political history of the world, we can simply find that powerful empires like that of Roman or Spartan empires were responsible to work for the well-being of their subjects and maintain peace for their welfare. On the other hand, these empires fought severe wars with other states to strengthen their military and political jurisdiction. With the passage of time, the period of colonization appeared during the 1600s. Colonial rulers of Britain, France, Portugal and others marched to underdeveloped countries of Asia and Africa and started utilizing their natural resources for their vested-interests. Countries like India and others were under colonial rule for hundreds of years. Though these countries were subject to various internal and external disorders, yet they had to maintain unity and harmony to get their independence. After the downfall of these colonial rules, numerous countries got their independence and established their own governments.

The First and Second World Wars were fought on military and political lines. Millions of people were killed and losses worth billions of dollar were imposed on various countries. When the Second World War ended in 1945, the foundation of United Nations Organization (UNO) was laid. The sole purpose behind the establishment of the UNO was to maintain peace and order in the world. Various countries like the USA, UK, France, Russia, India, Germany, Canada and others got the membership of this international organization and promised to abide by the set rules and regulations in the agreements of this organization. United Nations Security Organization (UNSO) was founded to maintain peace and harmony around the world.

We can say that the efforts made by the UN and its security chamber have proved to be fruitful to maintain peace and order in the world after the Second World War. No severe and long war happened after that period. Although the UN has tried to perform its duties in the best way possible, yet it has been subject to political pressures by the world powers like the USA and others. In a country like Afghanistan, wars were fought for the interest of foreign countries and millions of innocent people were killed. After three decades of war, Afghan people now understand the value of peace and unity for the economic and political development of their country. After the downfall of Taliban regime, the democratic government of Afghanistan was set up through direct elections. This government tries to pave the grounds for economic, political and social development of the country. Thousands of schools have been constructed around the country to provide free educational facilities to both boys and girls and prepare them for higher educations.

Large number of NGOs, Civil Society and various governmental departments work for the welfare of the common Afghan. Health facilities are provided to far and remote areas of the country and efforts are made to link these areas with large cities through roads. Mining projects are given to international companies to extract mines and generate large-scale revenue for the government.

It can easily be concluded that the existence of peace and harmony is really important to maintain the pace of economic and social development in Afghanistan. Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) conducts various military operations to annihilate terrorist elements in various parts of the country. They do need the assistance and support from the nation to be able to bring peace and harmony in the country. For the proper implementation of economic policies of the government, Afghans are supposed to strengthen the notions of peace, harmony, unity and development amongst one another. Till the peace is not brought and implemented in its true sense, it is difficult to reach the heights of social, political and economic development in Afghanistan.